Health Services

The school nurse can be reached at 215-961-2096.

The school nurse provides student services aimed at the identification and assessment of student health problems. Through ongoing communication and contacts with students, parents, and staff, the school nurse acquires first-hand knowledge of health problems and the availability and accessibility of services. As an advocate for children, the school nurse communicates daily with students to ensure optimum health for academic success.

  1. The school nurse and the staff of the C.C.A. Baldi Middle School depend on the cooperation and partnership between the home and the school with the assistance of the following:
    1. Emergency cards and forms need to be completed and returned promptly. Any changes in telephone numbers, addresses, emergency contacts, or employment must be reported to the school nurse and o
    2. Updated immunizations, communicable diseases, surgery, or special medical conditions should be reported, in writing by the physician, to the school nu Also, inform your child’s teacher of any specific health-related conditions.
    3.  Please keep students out of school if they experience a temperature above 100 degrees, vomiting or diarrhea within the last 24-hour period pre school start.
    4.  Physical Examinations – The Pennsylvania School Health Act (Section 1402) requires each pupil to have a health examination upon admission to school in sixth and ninth grades. This is required for all public, parochial and private schools. Remind your physician that vision, hearing screenings and updates of immunizations are important components of a physical and must be completed as designated on the physical form. Physical forms can be obtained in the school nurse’s office or the main office.
  2. Administration of Medication – Ideally, the administration of medication or utilization of equipment should take place at home. However, students with health problems may require medication (administered at prescribed intervals) or suction, oxygen, or other types of equipment in order to permit them to function at as close to a normal level as possible in the classroom. The School District of Philadelphia does not diagnose student conditions or prescribe medication/treatment. (No medication/treatment will be administered in school without a completed and approved MED-1 request for administration of medication or use of suction, oxygen, or other equipment in school). All approved requests will expire on August 31 of each year. The procedure must be carried out in its entirety every year. The certified School Nurse will contact the prescribing provider for clarification, when necessary.
    1.  All medication must be prescribed by a qualified health care provider on form


  1. The prescription (MED-1) must be approved by the Certified School Nurse or a School Nurse Supervisor.
  2. The parent will supply the medication, properly labeled and packaged.
  3. The school only will retain medication if it has been packaged and labeled by a Registered Pharmacist according to accepted pharmaceutical standards. The medication label must include: Patient name, pharmacy name, address and telephone number, prescription number, prescription date (must be current), name of medication-dosage-form and expiration date, instructions for administration, name of prescribing health care provider.
  4. All medication must be packaged with a Safe-T closure Cap.
  5. Equipment and machinery must be prescribed by a qualified health care provider on form MED-1
  6. When the medication/treatment prescribed exceeds or differs from that approved by the FDA, the physician will be required to submit written detailed information to the school nurse.

Children may not carry medication on their person, in their lunch bag or schoolbag. Please contact the Certified School Nurse if you have any questions or concerns. Health insurance and CHIP Program forms can also be obtained from the Health Room.

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