Excellent ESOL Websites

Activities AN EXCELLENT WEBSITE where you can play games, take quizzes and much more! Username- baldi; Password- verree
Play games, take quizzes, read grammar, and practice vocabulary

Dave’s ESL Cafe – Click on “Stuff for Students.”
Easy to use, lots of activities, including games, quizzes, pronunciation practice, and stories

Karin’s ESL Partyland – Click on “Learn English.”
Lots of great ESL activities

An English language website to practice conversation, vocabulary, grammar, reading, and more AND all of it has sound so you can listen while you practice

English Page- Click on the left side under “Menu.”
For all skills, lots of activities, exchange messages with other students, and ask questions

Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab
Excellent listening practice

The ESOL students won First Place in an Achieve 3000 sponsored contest and they were rewarded with a $30 gift card voucher. We redeemed it at Panera Bread and had a bagel party to celebrate their achievement.

After reading The Keeping Quilt, the 8th grade ELLs created designs on squares
to construct a classroom quilt as a team building project since one of the story’s themes was “A Sense of Belonging.” They are in the beginning process of writing about their traditions and making connections to the traditions that were discussed in the story The Keeping Quilt and their family traditions.