Instrumental Music

The Baldi Middle School music programs provide education, comfort, and many other things that condense into the student, giving him/her expanded mental capabilities. It has been scientifically proven that music helps to increase brain functions during standardized tests, such as the PSSA. Could this be a reason why students have joined the music program? Another reason for their membership in the music programs, is for enjoyment.

Students in Baldi are given many opportunities to designate specific programs to themselves in order for academic goals to be achieved. This indicates success for students, and so it may also be a reason for their joining into the music program. Music may be a wondrous thing to some, and a vexatious thing to others, but to the students who are in the music program, it may help them become prodigious and successful. Students who are in the music programs at Baldi have added attributes to their agglomeration of qualities. High schools may also be interested in those students for their variety.

Also, students become physically and mentally smart while becoming accustomed to their instruments. Sometimes the student’s have to accomplish stretching their fingers in order to play their notes. While undergoing practice, their hands start to become flexible and they are soon able to accomplish their goal in struggle. They are also able to play the clarinet without looking at it. This is an ability gained from practice, while also learning the notes. When learning the connection between the notes and keys students begin to accumulate information about music, allowing them to read notes of any instrument. This may be an en enormous deduction for students to join the music program. Students continue to attend every year and make up the majority of the music programs.

Meet the Department

Our Staff

Ms. Beidler – Lower Strings (Cello and Bass)

Ms. Brady – Upper Strings (Violin and Viola)

Mr. Chuong – Percussion (Drums, etc.)

Mr. Lynch – Brass (Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone)

Ms. Swiren – Woodwinds (Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone)